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Diasporans Africa is a supportive community of people just like you. Connect, learn, and accelerate your dreams.

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Who can join?

You are in the process of migrating to the US and you possess a migration-intent document such as Visa, I-20 document etc.

You are already an African in diaspora and will like to connect and contribute to other Africans in diaspora.

You’re planning to study in the US and you have proof of admission into a US school.


Why join the community?

Get access to all the people and tools needed to achieve your goals as a diasporan


Get access to a diverse community of people who have successfully migrated from Africa to the US and can provide valuable connections and advice. Network with Africans in Diaspora to accelerate your success.

Exclusive Events

We organize events such as educational events, cultural festivals, networking events, and social gatherings to promote community building, cultural exchange and successful living.

Deliver instant answers

Gain financial assistance and advice to help cover the costs of tuition, migration or financial support during the transition. Discover tools to help you manage and grow your finances whether you're at home or abroad.

Support & Guidance

The community provides a supportive environment where members can share their experiences, ask for advice and receive guidance from more experienced members.
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Way to a brighter future in no time!

Diasporan Africa gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and resources from other Africans in diaspora so we can all grow together.
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